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Graffiti Studio

Infinity Rae Collective 

Infinity Rae Collective is a shared artist co-op that is multifaceted. It is a warehouse space for artists to create, share and develop their art and brand. Artists share a monthly co-op fee to rent a space within Infinity Rae Collective that they can proudly call their own. As a member of the collective each artist can utilize the opportunity to be featured at monthly public shows hosted in the space. These events will highlight artists from the co-op allowing members of the community the opportunity to promote their work to the public and be celebrated amidst their peers. In addition, as part of the collective each artist can utilize free support from Infinity Designs with promoting and branding their work as an ever evolving business. 

Visual Art               Music               Printing               Photography                Ceramics               More

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Where the creative spark is born.

Space is a vital piece to moving through the world as an artist. Not only is it a separate space devoted to creativity but it is also a space where one can interact with other artists, get inspired, pass on motivation and so much more. 

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Having an opportunities to share your art is essential. Not to mention the magic of sharing your work in a space you feel connected to. Infinity Rae Collective offers monthly shows featuring an individual that is part of the Infinity Rae artist community. This is a unique opportunity to not only share your creative work with the surrounding community but also to share it in a space that you trust to feature your art in a professional, friendly and respectful environment.

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Infinity Rae Collective offers intentional and focused consulting on brand development including marketing strategies, logo and brand development and website design so the artist can focus on what's important, creating their art. There are also options available for ongoing support and marketing through the collective to support the artist with long term growth goals in building a following and a sustainable income off of their art.

Contact us for more info.

Interested in applying to be apart of the Infinity Rae Collective but have some questions? Contact us with any questions.

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