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Hello, my name is Sam Rae

As a long time professional musician and touring cellist for Brandi Carlile I understand the importance of allowing your brand to breathe, expand and change with the growth of the business. This experience has provided me with a sharp eye and particular understanding for streamlining a brand in the most effective and attractive way possible.


Websites are a pivotal point from which a lot of your brand is based from. I do not design websites with code. Instead, with a deep familiarity for the current website design platforms and which is best for each particular client, I create your site on a familiar platform. I offer a strong eye for simple and unique aesthetic and I will approach your site from the perspective of your fans or customer base, designing as if I were a visitor receiving the information. 


My priority is to help you summarize the most attractive aspects of your business in a way that is fluid, in line with your aesthetic and easily accessible. When the site is finished I will teach you how to edit and manage your content leaving you with not only a polished website but also the knowledge to take the site into your own hands as you continue to grow and evolve with your business. 

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