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Infinity Rae created the Uncle Charlie's Charter from the ground up, starting with the logo and then into the website layout, design, aesthetic and all of the content within the website. The goal was to create a clean aesthetic and clear offering of services to set them apart from the competition in the area. 

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Village Well QiGong

Village Well QiGong was seeking brand development from the ground up. Starting with the logo and brand design we then infused those designs into a website featuring a concise and organized map for clients to navigate the various offerings Village Well QiGong provides for their community.

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Ashley Rose Wellness

Ashley Rose was seeking help re-branding her healing and wellness image with a goal to offer a service that is precise and clear. Paired with experience in massage, spiritual practice and nutritional health she wanted a business model that would allow her to apply all of her offerings in a way that was more focused and financially lucrative. We helped re-evaluate the structure of her business and build a website mapping out her services and new business model.

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Gifting Pride

Gifting Pride is a song commission collective that supports LGBTQI+ songwriters. Customers can purchase a personalized song for a special occasion by choosing from an array of artists. Each artist is featured on their own page. It is also a platform where collective members can create an account with a username and password allowing them access to songwriting resources and materials private to collective members.

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Tom Benko

Tom is a drum and percussion teacher and performer based out of Chicago. His website highlights his teaching while also introducing his strong resume and performance experience. 

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Land and Paw

Land and Paw is a dog walking/day care business that needed a site to help get their business up and running. The design focuses on maintaining a clean and precise image in line with their brand that instills a sense of trust in potential dog walking clients. 

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